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«Minerals Lab» has an extensive experience in advanced technologies.

To always be at the forefront of science and technology, we constantly develop technologies and complement domestic scientific and research developments through acquisitions and partnership. Minerals Lab extensively collaborates with universities, research institutes and customers on research and development issues.

About Company

Technological Equipment

Minerals Lab supplies technological equipment for ore dressing, metallurgical, chemical and energy industries, as well as provides maintenance and training services. Minerals Lab helps its customers to find and develop the most effective technological solutions for ore dressing, as well as solutions for the entire cycle from ore to the final product on the market.

Technological Solutions

«Minerals Lab» develops and implements effective technology solutions and services for the entire production cycle for the ore dressing and metallurgical industries. Minerals Lab provides support through its highly qualified specialists throughout theentire product lifecycle, including operation, maintenance, and management.

«Minerals Lab» Company Profile


Based on the professional experience of Mineral Lab specialists, the company developseffective and rational solutions for the entire process chain from mining to ore processing (including deep cycles) — from a preliminary feasibility study to key ready factories, the whole equipment lifecycle maintenance. We develop and supply technologies based on the specifics of a certain deposit and the peculiarities of themineral composition, which have no world analogs and meet the highest quality indicators. These technological solutions use the most modern mineral processing equipment. In its technology, when designing the manufacturing cycle, the company also uses intelligent automation and control systems that allow efficiently operate the equipment and manage the technological process to achieve maximum output and quality of the final product.

Mineral processing

The consolidated group of technology companies united and managed by Minerals Lab specializes in non-standard methods of iron ore mining and deposits modernization (magnetite, martite, hematite, oxidized formations), ilmenite-zircon-rutile-garnet ores, chromium-platinum ores, manganese, and other types of feebly magnetic ores aimed at ensuring a stable economic component of the enterprise, regardless of the commodity market fluctuations and the situation in the country.
In recent years, the heads of the world’s leading mining and ore dressing complexes have come to the conclusion that the ore market no longer needs the products at any price. The extracted raw materials often have very complex characteristics, and the ore dressing technologies do not always justify the purposes, although they are usually designed and built by the most advanced engineering companies on a turnkey basis. But in fact, we are working in the world of obsolete mining companies, outdating technologies, and the inevitable need to change approaches in the classicalmining and dressing approaches of complex raw materials and technology-savvy depositswhich directly affect the cost of the ready on-spec products, do not provide the profits stability in the conjuncture of an unstable commodity market.
Considering the above factors, our group can professionally provide a stable technological and economic component of an enterprise with the following tasks:

Studying the geological data

Studying the geological data of deposits to understand the subsequent ore dressing methods; produce mapping and effective assessment of industrial reserves for all types of deposits, calculation of reserves, developing the specs for final products.

Studying the characteristics of the mineral composition

The proper organizationof studying all the available mineral composition characteristics, including physicomechanical, chemical, granulometric, and other characteristics that may affect the manufacturing processes development; make a thorough study of the quality characteristics of the minerals to be deposited and determine the best ore dressing methods throughout the deposit, which are the basis to develop the projects independently or with engineering companies but adapted to the budget and customer requirements.

Technological tests of ores

Organize and conduct full-scale advanced technological tests of ores, analysis of ore dressing products with the full technological report; develop complex ore dressing manufacturing processes usingthe non-standard technological solutions; develop the technological solutions only for certain deposits and develop equipment that has no analogs and serial samples. At the same time, due to technological solutions, it is possible to save the significant initial investments and operating expenses. Furthermore, the developed technology, unlike standard ones, lets significantly reduce operating expenses and gives the privilege of participation in pricing the market value of the manufactured products, which affects the stability of profitin different economic periods, as well as the percentage-based redistribution ofparticipation in the commodity market.

Technical and economic calculations

Organization and performing the technical and economic calculations which are the basis for the project documentation to process the proposed mineral raw materials, including and linking the energy andmechanical components.

Feasibility study

Participation in the project development and feasibility
study for the bank estimates and allowing the credit lines.

Participation in strategy development

Participation in strategy development andcompany operation, the implementation of a full monitoring cycle and the existing companies estimates, as well as the design, equipment manufacturing, construction, installation, pre-commissioning activities and maintenance of the ore dressing complexes with achieving the parameters specified in the power and ore dressing quality contract, with the further operation and operational management.

Research services

Laboratory tests

We study the source material and its processing options to determine the optimal grinding size, conditions, and ore dressing methods. Then we perform the experiments on various technology options to calculate and choose the most efficient method.

Pilot plant and pilot scale

Used to determine the best approach and the operating parameters to calculate the industrial processing.



The output and products quality calculation based on your technological schemes.



Determine the chemical and mineralogical limitations, as well as ore dressing capabilities.



Making a technological scheme based on the vast experience in the dressing of various minerals.



Designing which is the basis of basic engineering and companies’ technological parameters optimization.

Main areas

Technology development

Improving the existing and developing the new technologies

Technological research

Solving manufacturing problems.
Technological improvements.
Researches to plan the investment projects.

Technical and technological expertise

Research services

Environmental measurements, chemical analyzes, and other services.


Development of the innovative products and significant improvementsof existing technologies.
Exploratory investigation.

Developing research methods

Improving the existing and developing the new experimental methods and research tools

Developing technological schemes


Planning and performing the laboratory and pilot tests, as well as developing technological schemes.


Optimization of the grinding size, the release of minerals, etc.


Content-extraction calculation.

Technological processes optimization


Evaluation of the quantitative mineralogical characteristics of raw materials and the main technological process products.


Determining the mineralogical factors affecting the minerals processing.

Solving mineralogical problems

Solving mineralogical problems at the ore dressing stage by conducting mineralogical studies, including determining the number of minerals and their deportment in technological products.



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